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Welcome to Eternal Wonderland!

Welcome to our realm of self-discovery and empowerment! We're here to help you navigate life's challenges, connect with your inner power, and manifest your dreams through your authentic desires. Join us on this transformative journey!

Carolyn and Ani have launched their Patreon exclusive content.

Weekly Channeled Messages, Intuitive Guided Mediations and more!

Carolyn now has two different focused based mentorships for you to choose between! 
Psychic Ability
Spiritual Foundation
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Spiritually Blunt Podcast

Greetings Organic Avatars

Join us for an unfiltered exploration of spirituality and personal growth. Hosted by Ani and Carolyn, Spiritually Blunt is a space for honest, authentic conversations that challenge conventional thinking and offer a fresh perspective on the spiritual journey. Whether you're a seasoned seeker or just starting out, our down-to-earth approach will help you navigate the highs and lows of your own path. Let's come together to learn more about the mysteries of the universe. Tune in every other week for episodes that inspire, entertain and expand the mind.

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"The Akashic record reading is truly the most amazing experience. It's incredibly healing but also a huge learning experience. You learn more things about yourself in this life and exactly how all of you is connected. You even get to relearn things about yourself that you have forgotten. Carolyn is a wonderful soul as well. She helps you feel more at ease and comfortable throughout the reading if you need it. 10000/10 recommend!!"
-Jax (Akashic Records)
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