Does the mounting pressure of others' expectations keep you up at night? Trying to make yourself fit into a box that was never designed for you, you may have lost a sense of who you truly are and what you genuinely want in life. It is never too late to transform into the version of you that you feel inside, but seems just out of reach.

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Quantum Reset

8 Week Personalized Intensive

Fast tracked, focused guidance custom fit for your journey.

Monthly Membership

Looking for a space that you can rely on each month to assist you in your healing journey? Look no further!

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1-on-1 with Carolyn

Are you unable to see clear pathways to decisions or options you're considering? You could be confused about your relationships, or what's in your highest good. Maybe you're searching for clear, no fluff guidance, in a confusing sea of spiritual rhetoric. Well, just like Waldo, you found me! I am honest, trustworthy, and I truly care about your growth and success. Using my many professionally trained and practiced psychic abilities, I am dedicated to transform your confusion into clarity.

1 Hour Zoom session


1-on-1 with Ani

Are you needing some blunt and honest guidance? Maybe you are in need of a safe space to talk/vent. Sit with me in an Energy Therapy session, I will gladly be your intuitive spiritual coach and soundboard assisting you to break free of limiting beliefs and taking your power back.

1 Hour Zoom Session


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Gifts Cards Upon Request

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Take Back Your Game Controller

Come join us in figuring out this game we call life! The everchanging organic game that we all agreed to experiencing isn't meant to be just One Player, You are not alone!! We can work together to defeat all the boss levels of any challenge that shows up in our reality. You have all the tools and knowledge within you, and we can help you remember the controls so you can work through and play this game in your highest good and unlock all the levels you are seeking to in this round of your soul's gameplay.


"The Akashic record reading is truly the most amazing experience. It's incredibly healing but also a huge learning experience. You learn more things about yourself in this life and exactly how all of you is connected. You even get to relearn things about yourself that you have forgotten. Carolyn is a wonderful soul as well. She helps you feel more at ease and comfortable throughout the reading if you need it. 10000/10 recommend!!"
-Jax (Akashic Records)