Sessions With Carolyn


1 on 1 Readings

Types of readings available:

*Akashic Records

*Psychic Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card

*Past Life

*Soulmate Cords

*Psychic Channeling

*Spiritual Business Expansion


30 min session

60 min session


Psychic Development 

Personal Mentorship Sessions to help you deepen your understanding of your gifts and how to work with them.

*Discount Available with Mentorship Patreon Tier!

30 min session


60 min session


Eternal Wonderland Reading

This is a Dual Reading with both Ani and Carolyn together!

60 min session


If you Can't find a time that works for you in booking, please email me to see if we can find a spot for you.


Two options for our new small group mentorships!
One being a single purchase group session, and the other for those looking for more routine discussions, on a minimum once a month basis.
Both Ani and Carolyn will have these available, as well as sessions with both of them!

For Personal One-on-One Development, consider booking a Psychic Development session with Carolyn!

Cosmic Journey Mentorship

 This is for deep dives and vibes. "Ask Me Anything" style group where each gathering will be different from the last. Here we create a space to talk deeper about the game of life and our observations as an Organic Avatar in the game.

*Each gathering maxes out at 15 people.

*If 5 or less people, length of session may fluctuate.

2 Hours


Patreon Mentorship

This is a monthly subscription to our Patreon, (Mentorship Tier) that offers you a discounted price to our small group Cosmic Journey Mentorship. This will be very much like an "AMA" format. Topics are open to flow through each class. No class will be the same!

*Cosmic Journey Tier will also receive a discount to use for Psychic Development One-on-Ones with Carolyn!

2 Hours


Recorded Personalized Readings

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Image by Florentine Pautet

Mini Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Tarot Reading recorded and emailed to your preferred email within a week of purchase.

15ish Mins (Rec)


Personal Channeled Message

Personal Channeled message from a non-physical entity.

10ish mins (Rec)



Patreon Tiers

Organic Avatar Tier

This Tier offers Patreon exclusive channeled messages and readings.

Build Your Skills Tier

In this Tier you get everything from the OA tier, PLUS our Workshop replays from our Tuesday Live teachings.

Spiritual Mentorship

This is for those looking for consistent opportunities to connect and learn more about the Game of Life. This guarantees you a Cosmic Journey Mentorship group spot once a month. Plus discounts for future sessions

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Live Readings

Ani and Carolyn go Live on Tiktok several days a week together, offering free one card pulls, Tarot Wheel of Fortune and channeled messages.

Donation are accepted and that will put you on the express list and dive a little deeper into the messages from your spirit team/angels.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Take Back Your Game Controller

Come join us in figuring out this game we call life! The everchanging organic game that we all agreed to experiencing isn't meant to be just One Player, You are not alone!! We can work together to defeat all the boss levels of any challenge that shows up in our reality. You have all the tools and knowledge within you, and we can help you remember the controls so you can work through and play this game in your highest good and unlock all the levels you are seeking to in this round of your soul's gameplay.