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Welcome fellow Organic Avatar, so glad you made it! We are Ani and Carolyn of Eternal Wonderland.

We connected in late 2020 and soon learned that our desire for understanding, and helping others to embrace their shadows were very much the same. Yet we each have our own unique practiced way of delivering the messages.

We want to help you to call back your power and remember WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN.

Using our developed intuition we channel your spirit team to assist in identifying everything from old cycles you may be experiencing, to limiting belief systems and offering different ways to start moving through those.

This helps you to live a life where you feel free and embody your most authentic self.


Together we hope to help the collective heal through focusing on the 'Self" first and foremost.

 You already have all the tools you will ever need within yourself to heal. We remind you of what those are and how you can start using them again.


If this resonates with you we look forward to guiding you in your new found Wonderland!

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psychic Medium, Channel, Reiki Master

My journey into spirituality started when I was about 13yrs old. My mother found Jesus and had my siblings and I join her in a Born-Again church. I grew a love of Jesus that made me feel incredibly connected to my spirituality but there was a nagging feeling something wasn’t right. I could never reconcile the fear based teachings. After my moms shockingly sudden passing when I was 21, I threw away my religion in my despair and anger over her death.

However, that didn’t last long and I opted to explore other religions, particularly pagan, Hindu, and Buddhist religions. I enjoyed the freedom these religions offered but never got too deeply into any of them. I learned that I loved tarot and would practice this on and off for fun with my friends and family for many years. I entered into a few mentally and emotionally abusive relationships within those years looking for myself in others.

Then, after my sons birth at 32 I knew I had to do better for myself so that I could be the best mom I could be. In my search for myself I found the law of attraction (Abraham Hicks) and some amazing friends who taught me about Archangels and Channeling. This was the spark of my Spiritual Awakening. Since then I’ve been diligently practicing my psychic abilities to connect with Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Infinite Intelligence. Each year I’ve gotten stronger in my abilities, my authenticity, and spiritual connection to help me on my path to living my life in my highest and best good.

I am incredibly eager and excited to share everything I’ve learned as well as use my practiced abilities to help as many people as I can to live their path in the highest and best good for them! 

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Energy Therapy, Psychic Intuitive Reader

I have slowly been "waking up" for the last 10 years. It was in the last 2 years that I truly became the most self aware and dove into deep healing. I learned I had been unknowingly channeling messages for people my whole life.

As I stopped resisting the shifts, the more easy it became to work with my psychic intuitive abilities and I have been strengthening my connection ever since.

I have felt the most aligned while helping others through their personal journey. Reminding you that you have always had the tools within yourself to get you through ANYTHING. 

My readings tend to be direct, and shine light on the shadows in forgotten or lost places to expedite change/shifts in your timeline.

Bringing a grounded, down to Earth vibe,

 I'll help you navigate, understand and embrace your shadows through these energies and channeled messages.​

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