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Carolyn's Sessions

A big part of what I offer in any of my sessions is to provide as direct of a translation from your guides, higher self, and/or spirit as possible. My main focus is clarity and the healing of the mind, body, spirit connection. The options listed below simply give direction to that end but are not necessary to specify beforehand, if you’re unsure which service to choose. My default session is a psychic reading that’s catered towards any general or specific topics of interest. 


Types of sessions:

*Akashic Records

 -This session is a question focused reading from within your Akashic Records. Intense clarity and understanding of yourself and your journey can be gained from this reading. For more information about the Akashic Records:


*Past Life

 -In this session I access interesting past life information that is directly influencing your current experience. Many times it reveals skills and traits you bring forward with you each lifetime. Many times this helps you move forward with clarity regarding personal behaviors and/or relationship dynamics that previously were confusing and frustrating. We are also able to cut cords with and release any traumatic or difficult past life experiences still affecting you in this life. 


-If you are interested in connecting with a loved one who has passed on or is battling dementia or Alzheimer's, I open a safe space to converse with their spirit. I will connect with their soul/spirit to help you through the grieving process and deliver any messages that they have for you. In the session I can offer tips and techniques to help you to connect with them yourself. 

*Celestial Attunement/Activation

 -This session is for anyone interested in directly channeled messages, attunements (at times our psychical body needs tuning or adjustments back to our natural vibrational frequency. Almost like a guitar or piano tuning.) , and/or activations from Archangel’s, Ascended Masters, and/or Deities. 

*Psychic Intuitive 

 - This reading is for anyone unsure of the direction they wish to take for their reading. Maybe you know there’s something that needs to come through but not sure what or from where. Maybe you are interested in many services and want to try a few together. Maybe you’re interested in getting a tarot reading. Either way we will start the session and be open to whatever wants to come through from your guides. 


*Psychic Development

 -This session is exclusively available in our mentorship options. This session will be geared towards your development for whichever level of ability you have. Whether you’re a beginner for the basics, intermediate for leveling up, or advanced for fresh perspective, I will share my personal knowledge of psychic ability as well as intuitively guiding you on your next steps towards direct connection with your guides. 

*Dual session with Ani and Carolyn

 -In this package exclusive session you will get the benefits of both worlds. Ani’s direct, blunt transformative messages coupled with Carolyn’s intensely clarifying channeled messages will give you a well rounded experience. Sometimes two heads (channels) are better than one! 

Exclusive to the Quantum Reset Package and Monthly Membership

-A dual reading with Carolyn and Ani 

-Psychic Development- What a perfect way for continued practice and guidance on your discovery into your abilities.

-Learn to open your own Akashic Records. This can also turn into you opening up other peoples records as well!

Not sure what these Mentorships are? Click the button below to learn more!

Home/Zoom Parties

Have you ever thought about having a psychic at an event/party you were having to help your friends and family on their journey? If you are ready to work on your journey of self discovery and healing then this could be a great way to offer healing and clarity for the ones closest to you. This is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

 We will travel within an hour from Clayton, New Jersey. Out side of our driving distance? That is ok! We also will offer Zoom Sessions, so each person can sit down and have a reading while attending your party/event.

Pricing will vary based off of how many people are at the event. Please email us if you are interested in learning more about this amazing experience! 

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