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Greetings, fellow Organic Avatar! Are you here from Tiktok live?

Awesome! Below, you can find all the different ways we have available to pay for your reading during the live today. 
I also have listed below the different options available to you with your purchase of a Mini reading or Dual Mini Reading with Ani and Carolyn.
**Fun Fact** Each Mini reading you get will enter you into a chance to win a ONE ON ONE Session!

(Winner chosen at the beginning of each month)

Services available for Carolyn:

  • Psychic Reading

  • Mediumship

  • Soulmate Cords

  • Channeled Message

  • Energy Reading of Your Name

  • Big 3 Reading

  • Spirit Babies


Services for Ani:

  • Intuitive Shadow Illumination Reading

  • Energy Therapy (Reiki infused intuitive healing)

  • Oracle Card Reading

Payment Options

Please let us know which service(s) you are seeking from the list when purchasing your MINI reading. For Dual Mini Readings, please choose one from both Ani and Carolyn.

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