More Info About Each Service

This page has more description about the services you may be interested in for helping you on your journey. If you don't find what you are looking for here, feel free to email us with your questions!


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold the absolute infinite information of your soul and its physical experience across the Universe. Using my psychic abilities I can access your records to answer any questions you want to ask of your Teachers, Masters, and Loved ones.

Included in the reading you may ask any questions about your past, present, and/or future. You may inquire about any strong relationships in your life both easy and joyful or difficult and conflicted. You may ask about past lives and get healing for those lives if needed.

Pyschic Development

This is our first mentor type program. In these sessions Carolyn will help you discover and develop your natural gifts. Though not all of our abilities come easily to us, you can practice to learn any ability you are seeking. But remember, WE ALL are gifted with abilities, and we want to help you remember who you are, and reconnect with the self within.

Past Lives

In the Records I can access past lives that may be important to your journey today. Energy that needs healing, or patterns/conditioning may come to the surface through these discoveries. Past life healing can help you release ties that are no longer serving you and offer clarity as to why you may be experience repeating cycles/patterns. 

Psychic Intuitive Readings

This is what you see me doing often on Tiktok lives. I connect with your spirit team to deliver the messages most important for your journey in that time. I sometimes use divination tools in this session such as Tarot or Oracle cards, but typically just tap in for your guidance. Very similarly as I do for the Akashic Records. This is especially good if you don't have any particular questions you are looking for. The Akashic Records are geared more towards questions.


Soulmate Cord or Soul Connections readings are not meant for only romantic relationships. Soulmates are people who you have a connection with and they play a part in your growing process. These cords can show your past life connections and how they could be effecting your relationship today and what can be done to help heal any unhealed timelines. 

Channeled Message

With this session, you will receive a recorded personal channeled reading from a non-physical entity. You may specify what energy you are seeking to connect with, for example. Archangel Michael, AA Gabriel, Lilith, and Jesus to name a few. If you have no preference, Carolyn will connect to the energy that has a divine message in your highest good to help you with your journey.

Eternal Wonderland Reading

If you are seeking a reading with both Carolyn AND Ani, this session is for you! This is a psychic intuitive reading with both of us where we help you through your current life challenges and questions.

Cosmic Journey Mentorship

This is a brand new concept for us where we have a small group setting which allows for deeper conversations and time for questions to be answered. It isn't a space for doing readings as much as it is more for energy therapy. Talking through what you are curious or wanting to learn more about, or diving down rabbit holes. It is ultimately about expanding your innerstanding of the Game of Life.

*Limited spots available

*Fully booked will be 2 hours with some room for some overflow

*Hangout time can adjust if 5 or less people are in that particular session

Spiritual Business Mentorship

This is specifically for people starting and wanting to grow their Spiritual Business on Tiktok. Getting started may feel overwhelming, but I am excited to help offer directions in which you could take to get your feet off the ground.

I learned a lot through my personal trials and lessons in growing my own business. I want to be able to help others to have a more direct path on getting started, but ultimately please remember that your business will evolve as you do.