We are always looking to evolve and expand the ways we can help others on their journey. So this page has all the "In Game Resources" available and in the works! From Journals to music playlists! Stay tuned as we start adding downloadable content to help you through your game play. 

    In Game Downloadable Resources    

SoulMate Manifestation List

This list is designed to help bring to your perspective the value you have for yourself when looking to bring someone into your life. It helps to remind you to not get rid of parts/qualities you find important. You don't have to make them fit into your list. A square peg won't fit into a circle, no matter how hard you try. Don't worry, this list can help you manifest your circle peg before you know it!

Level up Manifesting journal

This is a project that is nearly complete and ready for you! 
It focuses on manifestation through the emotional scale and includes prompts to help you through the different levels of the emotional scale.

We have linked below different tools and resources that we use to help us work on our connection. Like Playlists to help move energy through you and raise your vibration. Pages to help identify the cheat codes (Angel Numbers) you are seeing and much more!

   In Game Resources   

Ani's Playlists

Carolyn's Playlist


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Feeling stagnant with your music lately?
These energy shifting songs are our soundtrack during our Live readings. This playlist is meant to help transmute emotion/energy through you no matter your music preference.

Combined Playlist