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Your Quantum Reset Is Just a Click Away

We now have an INTENSIVE 8 Week Mentorship that is CUSTOM FIT to your journey! Everyone's journey looks different, and so should their mentorship. We honor where you are in your journey and help you expand from there.
Are you done feeling stuck, powerless, without any idea of your next step or direction you should go? This is for those who are done holding back and are ready to rush head first into their shadows, obstacles and limiting beliefs to find clarity and answers.
This package will kick your transformation into high gear, leaving you with the tools to help yourself though not only your current storyline, but also other plot twists to come!  We do not beat around the bush, we will not put a Band-Aid on your bullet wound. Our services are meant to dig in and clean out the infection, no matter how long it has been there.

**We know there are people ALL over the world who would love to go deeper into their journey, and aligning time zones may seem like a challenge. If you can not find a time slot that works for you on the booking page, please email us so we can help you with that!**

Limited Spots!

What Does the Quantum Reset Package Contain?

Upon your investment in your Quantum Reset, the first step is to schedule your initial consultation. This first meeting will be our opportunity to get to know you and what you are looking to achieve, and then create a personalized, custom fit plan for your goals.

After our first meeting, with the game plan in place, you will be able to schedule your sessions at your convenience on our website.

Typically the subsequent 8 weeks will go as follows:

Week 1- Initial consultation and 1st One Hour Session.

Week 2- Integration Week: Receive personalized Journal prompts based on 1st session and personalized channeled message or meditation.

Week 3- 2nd One Hour Session of your Choice

Week 4- Check in call to see how you are progressing and determine the 2nd half of your Quantum Reset

Week 5- 3rd One Hour Session of Choice

Week 6- Integration Week: Receive personalized Journal prompts based on 1st session and personalized channeled message or meditation.

Week 7- Final One Hour Session of Choice

Week 8- Final Check in and Recap

With the tools and skills learned in your mentorship, we will help you to have a plan as to how to move forward.

Services Available

1-on-1 with Carolyn

-Akashic Records

-Psychic Intuitive


-Past Life


Additional Benefits

-Dual Reading with Carolyn and Ani Together

-Psychic Development 

-Discounted Price for Additional Sessions

8 Week Intensive Mentorship


Monthly Memberships are for those who are looking for monthly guidance in their journey in a slow and steady type of way. Ultimately we want to help remind you of the power that already exists within you, but while you are on the journey of rediscovery, we would be honored to assist you in whatever life is trying to throw at you now.

Monthly Membership

What do I receive for committing to a Monthly Membership?

-1-One Hour Session with Carolyn or Dual Session with Carolyn and Ani, your choice!
-Monthly Group Zoom Session
-Bonus Content, like journal prompts, channeled message, meditations, or whatever we are guided to do that month.

-Discounted price for additional sessions

Additional Benefits

-Dual Reading with Carolyn and Ani Together for a discounted price

-Psychic Development 

Monthly Mentorship


Every Month

If you have any questions please feel free to email them to us. We are so eager and excited to get you started on the mentorship that is right for you!

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