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Psychic Development Mentorship

If you find yourself here, on this page, you're probably interested in developing your psychic abilities. Everyone is psychic! It shows up for most people as a sense of intuition or gut feelings. Developing this natural sense of intuition, no matter how small it is now, will open up a whole new level of understanding in what we call the "Game of Life" and the journey of YOU. With developed psychic abilities you have the potential to communicate with spirit guides, ascended masters, deities, and more. You will be able to use this skill to manifest your desires, get answers to life's questions, connect with your own authenticity, read for others, channel and more, if you so choose!

How to Start

Woot! You have found the start point for this level of your psychic development journey with Carolyn. Well Done!

~Check Point Saved!~

~First mission is to figure out which session time would be best for you.    -We have 30 minute and also 1 hour sessions.

Each session is personalized for you! In your session, we will discuss what you are looking to start developing and/or how to deepen the abilities you have already been practicing. I will offer different techniques based on your goals and level of experience. We will work together to create a practice that best suits you. My goal is to help you feel more confidant in yourself and your abilities.  

30 minute Zoom Session

1 Hour Zoom Session



**We offer discounts for bundled sessions.**

Each person's needs are unique, so we can specialize the bundle to you!

Email us to learn more!

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Follow ups

After your one on one session with Carolyn, we understand that you may have questions as you continue to practice, or want to talk about your new discoveries. 

If you feel as though you do not need a full session at the moment, we created a couple different follow up methods. 

These can be booked individually as needed or as a bundle.

Please email us to set up your follow up!

15 minute One on One Zoom Session 

10 Min Recorded Loom Session            



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