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Psychic Relationship Coaching

Not just for couples!

*Singles *Marriages *Partnerships *Business *Familial *Friendships *Twin Flames *Situationships *Soulmates

In these coaching sessions I will use my professionally developed psychic abilities to bring clarity, healing and understanding to your relationships or lack-there-of.

For Singles: We will dive into patterns and blocks that may be keeping you from your divine partners. As well as looking into future partnerships. You will also be able to gain clarity about past relationships and why they didn't work out and more.

For Relationships: We will explore your soulmate cord connection to understand the purpose and intention of the connection. We will discover past lives that influence the current connection. We can also gain clarity on behaviors within the relationship and receive guidance on how to navigate difficult interactions, as well as unhealthy patterns and how to release them.

30 minute Zoom Session (Basic)

-If you just need a bit of guidance or a shift in your understanding.


1 Hour Zoom Session (Deeper Dive)

-Take a close look at what could be better and what could benefit from healing.


2 Hour Zoom Session (Full Spectrum)

- This one is specifically for 2 people wanting sessions together. This includes 2-30 min sessions and a single hour session. 

1-30 min session with partner A

1-30 min session with partner B

Then lastly a 1 Hour session with both people.


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