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More Info About Each Service

This page has more description about the services you may be interested in for helping you on your journey. If you don't find what you are looking for here, feel free to email us with your questions!



Akashic Records

We have a page dedicated to learning more about this! Click here for that! :)

1 on 1 with

I offer Shadow illumination through my gift of intuitive perspective to channel your messages/advice from your guides. I offer a space for you to talk about what you are experiencing to help release stagnant/stuck energy, but I also channel guidance from your team to help you break through blocks you are feeling.

I hold space for you no matter what you are seeking and am totally open to THEORIES OF THE THIRD KIND family booking this time for a personal one on one connection.

Eternal Wonderland Reading

If you are seeking a reading with both Carolyn AND Ani, this session is for you! This is a psychic intuitive reading with both of us where we help you through your current life challenges and questions.

Even though Ani and Carolyn are sweet souls, they won't sugar coat your messages. These two will always work to deliver the guidance your spirit team is giving you in your highest good. They have learned that this tends to be in a more direct approach. If you are ready for change, then this reading is perfect for you! They will help you discover parts of you that have been living in the shadows and reawaken the light warrior in you. Reminding you of the tools within yourself to help you through any of life's challenges.

Channeled Celestial Activations and Attunements

With this session, you will receive either a 1 hour or 30 min 1 on 1 Zoom meeting or a recorded personal emailed reading from a non-physical entity and Archangels. For example. Archangel Michael, AA Gabriel, Lilith, Jesus and Metatron to name a few. Carolyn will connect to the energy that has a divine message in your highest good. The Celestial energy may also deliver activations and attunements to help you on your journey.


**Still curious what this would look like? Come join Carolyn live on Tiktok! She starts all her lives with this and focuses on the collective.

**The length of the recorded emailed version will vary depending on who comes through and the actions that are being taken by the angels and non-physical energies.

RECORDED Akashic Record

This NEW session option is a recorded Akashic Record Reading for those who may not be comfortable doing a one-on-one, or who may not have the available time to sit in an hour session. Maybe this version of the reading just sounds better for you, that's totally ok too!
All I need from you is your first name (the name you prefer to be called) and your questions. I always email a list of sample questions after your booking of either kind of ARR sessions.
I will treat this session just like a one-on-one session, recording my process of connecting into your records. After I deliver any messages your team has for you, I will then dive into your questions. 
You will receive your recorded reading within a week of booking.
Expedited service available (Recording will be sent within 24 hours from booking) for an additional $20.

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