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"Ani's guidance in Spiritually Blunt Support is life-changing!"
"I recently had the privilege of participating in the Spiritually Blunt Support group, and I can't express enough how transformative and uplifting the experience was. Led by the incredibly compassionate and insightful mentor, Ani, this support group provided a safe haven for sharing, healing, and personal growth. Ani's guidance was like a guiding light in the darkest corners of life's challenges. Her wisdom, combined with a nurturing approach, created an atmosphere of trust and understanding. The Spiritually Blunt Support group wasn't just about discussing problems; it was a journey towards solutions, resilience, and spiritual awakening. The small, intimate setting allowed for genuine connections with fellow participants, fostering a sense of camaraderie that is often not there in larger groups. Ani's ability to create an environment where vulnerability was welcomed and embraced made all the difference. I found solace in the shared stories, realizing that I wasn't alone in my struggles. What sets Spiritually Blunt Support apart is its emphasis on honesty and directness. Ani's approach is refreshingly blunt, cutting through the layers to address issues head-on. This directness, coupled with her unwavering support, empowers us to confront challenges with newfound strength and clarity. I highly recommend Spiritually Blunt Support to anyone navigating the complexities of life. Ani's mentorship is a beacon of hope, guiding you out of life's muck and towards a path of self-discovery and resilience. Joining this support group was a pivotal moment for me, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on my journey."
- Steph C

"The Akashic record reading is truly the most amazing experience. It's incredibly healing but also a huge learning experience. You learn more things about yourself in this life and exactly how all of you is connected. You even get to relearn things about yourself that you have forgotten. Carolyn is a wonderful soul as well. She helps you feel more at ease and comfortable throughout the reading if you need it. 10000/10 recommend!!" -Jax (Akashic Records)

"Hi!🥰I don’t know if you remember but at the beginning of the month I was having a hard time and I asked for a reading on what I can look forward to this month, you gave me a uplifting reading and then said you kept hearing baby. I thought it was about me and my husband getting a new kitten, but yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! So I just wanted to share that you were right! I’m trying to keep a good mindset and that I will have a safe, healthy pregnancy but still so excited!😆" -Robyn 

 I want to say Thank you to Ani for doing a reading for me. From the moment we got on video to the very last second. We connected instantly from our shirts to our stories. We had so much in common and she made me feel comfortable.  Definitely the confirmation that I needed. I now know that I have to stop shutting everything out or putting it to the side. The time is now. My time is now to become the person I am supposed to be. She is definitely an amazing soul and I am extremely blessed to experience her gifts first hand. Thank You so much for everything. I can't wait for the day I can join y'all side by side to help change the world. Again Thank You Ani for the amazing experience. 

Carissa B

"I had a past life reading with Carolyn, after discovering her online. I was so surprised with the things in my reading because it all made a lot of sense in the relationships I had in this life and certain traits I have. What's great is that I've been to other readers, but Carolyn really made me feel at ease and was empowering in the messages that needed to come through for me. I loved my reading that I shared it with my friends too. 


I even posted it on Youtube (Channel: The Happy Healing Shop) or in case you'd like to see what a reading with Carolyn looks like!"

- Trang Pham (Past Life Reading)

"Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much for the Akashic Records Reading today... I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for sending the link. The meanign of 1221 definitely resonates with me. This reading brought up different things for me to research and that excites me!" -Client (Akashic Records)

The reading from last night’s live helped me so much. The song was No Doubt. While odd, I read through the lyrics and understand immediately what they meant. I lost my mom and dad. I have really had a difficult time even though we expected both passing. What I received from the lyrics was that it was time to let go because holding on so tightly was just causing pain. I felt such a release and lift of guilt from what I could have done. Kinda strange way, but this is the first day in a long time where I feel as if I can move forward. Also, my husband and I are moving from caregivers with the unfortunate loss of his mother last May to rediscovering our relationship. Our youngest is 20 and so we can take off on vacation now without guilt or worry that something terrible is going to happen. I just wanted you to know how one card pull could mean so much! Thank you.

-Kara (Tiktok Live Reading)

"My first 2 sessions were wonderful and thought provoking experiences- I am booking a 3rd session now!" -Dan (Akashic Records)

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